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Premiere on August 17, 2021 as part of the festival
"Jewish Culture Now" at the Jewish Museum of Westphalia

Concept and performance: Uri Fahndrich & Nadia Migdal

What exactly is non-religious Jewish culture?

And does it even exist?

Between communist, ultra-orthodox and secular family members, the German-Israeli actress Nadia Migdal and the Israeli actor Uri Fahndrich go in search of the roots of their identity.

The big common denominator: Kneidelsuppe. This consumes the audience together with the players*, while they weave their family stories together, juxtapose them, negotiate with relish in an immersive space, embark on a journey through the generations, in search of today's perspectives and projections that one as a Jewish person in Germany experienced.

Let's meet for a Kneidelsoup - 3rd generation mash-up

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