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Above the Clouds


Korsp-op.Kollektiv 4/
2021 - Garellyhaus, Saarbrücken

A theatrical hybrid, a fairy tale, a performance about equality and inequality, about power and powerlessness and the high art of amputation.

"They are still convinced that gentleness must be reserved for the home, for the good woman and her dog, and never for the public space, and never for the world we live in."                                                                           Virginie Despentes


KULA Compagnie 6/2022 - Theater im Pfalzbau Ludwigshafen, Spreehalle Berlin, Helferei Zürich

An international documentary theater project
by Jenke Nordalm and Julie Paucker.

An autobiographical search for traces - for the mother and the own role as daughter. How did we become what we are? At the center are three female artists who act as witnesses to their history and as modern artists. Thus this project, which was created over the course of two years, has become a very personal document - and at the same time a precise chronicle of this time controlled by Corona.


Let's meet for a Kneidelsoup -
3rd generation mash up

Migdal&Fahndrich 8/2021 - Jewish Museum Westphalia

What exactly is non-religious Jewish culture? And does it even exist?

An invitation to a Kneidelsoup dinner; an immersive journey through the generations in search of contemporary perspectives and projections.

Hell Kneidel.jpeg

Home and Away Game for a Poem
Migdal&Fahndrich 5/2021 - People2People Playground digital

Poetry clip in Hebrew and German

Two poems and the mouths that speak them travel through Israel and Germany interwoven in a video.

Home and Away 1_edited.jpg

Tristesse Digital -
Tripe isn't a solution either

Korso-op.Kollectiv 5/2020 - stream digital

A theatrical talk series on the state of humanity

after Wolfram Lotz 

live from Saarbrücken, Tel Aviv and Strasbourg

  1. I'm just saying it like it is or something

  2. Lewis Paine prefers to leave

  3. Prometheus - Thoughts on the Liver

  4. Bakunin - a mother plants cabbage

  5. symbol and truth

Bildschirmfoto 2022-01-14 um 17.23_edited.jpg

Game Over
Prinzip Gonzo 5/2019 - Saarland State Theater &
Theater de la Manufacture, Nancy

Imagine walking into the theater and being told: You are dead. Stone dead.

A fusion of theatrical experience, walk-in installation, board game and exit game, in which visitors can move through life after death in a unique way and interact with it.

thea hoffmann axthelm game over 16 5-64_edited.jpg

1st part : From blueberry blood to Babylon
2nd part: 3 deaths and 1 life

Migdal, Theater Trier 2016/17

An approach to my grandparents through my grandparents.

Some time ago I heard my late grandfather's voice in my parents' living room. They were tape recordings that my mother used as material for a novel. After this discovery, I set out to find traces in my grandparents' lives and in my own memories.


Migdal&Fahndrich with Dima
nd 11/2022 
inspired by motives from "Fruit of Knowledge" by Liv Strömquist
The Social Space Tel Aviv

An immersive and multi-sensory journey into the cultural history of the female gender. In a unique laboratory we will dive into the myths surrounding the female genital organ, exposing the mechanisms of patriarchal conditioning.
An invitation to discover ancient and modern knowledge that created the present social structures and led us to how we act today.


Beide Quellen meines alten Blutes -
A Jew Collection in Action

KULA Compagnie 3/2022 - Spreehalle Berlin, Helferei Zürich

In the unusual form of a theatrical exhibition, "Both Sources of My Old Blood" explores the heartbeat of German-Jewish-Israeli relations.

Titelbild BEIDE QUELLEN.jpg

Korsp-op.Kollektiv 4/2021 - Garellyhaus, Saarbrücken

A game show about property and possessions, about home, love and the Dracula-like world of things.

Nominated in the category "Best Production" by Theater Heute, year book 2022


Korso-op.Kollektiv 4/2021 - home sector, Saarbrücken

A theatrical hybrid full of longing for superhuman superheroes in rebellion against finiteness. Face to face with the apocalyptic fears and fantasies. The final countdown to reckoning with God. A high noon of the modern world between the conquest of foreign planets and the swan song of transcendence in the shopping mall.

Nominated in the category "Best Production" by Theater Heute, year book 2021

Bildschirmfoto 2020-04-15 um 17.29.23.png

Ingeniously forgotten -
I am me because I

Migdal&Migdal with Gerzenberg 6/2019 -
Schumann Festival Bonn

The creative woman, whether poet or composer, was a pioneer in earlier eras and well into the 20th century: each had to fight her way through the jungle of male prejudices as a lone fighter if she wanted to assert herself with her artistic work.

The sisters Liv and Nadia Migdal use violin and language to enter into a dialogue of music and words, giving a voice to the artists, some of whom have been forgotten or given far too little attention. 


Das Folgenreich (The realm of consequences) - 
respite before the storm
Korso-op.Kollektiv 11/2019 - bunker Sulzbachstraße, Saarbrücken

Theatrical collage in the Sulzbachstrasse bunker in Saarbrücken. An immersive theater performance  about power and obedience.  

What is our fear tempting us to do? Which flowers of power are growing in the sociotope of our living rooms? Trust comes from proximity – proximity is dangerous.

Das Folgenreich (11)-1621x1080_edited.jpg
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