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Born in Herne in 1984, growing up in Bochum, Nadia Migdal began playing the violin at the age of five and won first prizes in the musical competition "Jugend musiziert". She stopped her persued ice hockey career, when she first saw a performance at the Playhouse in Bochum at the age of twelve. During highschool she played various roles there. In 2005, she began studying acting at the Zurich University of the Arts (ZHdK), where she finished her master's degree in 2010 (MA). After playing at the Zurich Playhouse and at the Theater of the Arts in Zurich, she was already signed with the State Theater in Tübingen while still studying.

In 2007, she received the sponsorship award of the Armin-Ziegler Foundation, and at the „Theater Summit of German speaking Drama Schools“ in 2008, she won both jury and audience award with the musical-theater production «You must remember this». In 2011, the well renowned magazine "Theater Heute" nominated her as the "best young actress" in and in 2020 as well as 2021 she received a nomination for "best production" together with the Korso-op collective. In 2017 she was nominated for the German Comedy Award for the sketch comedy TV show „Knallerkerle“.

In 2013, Nadia Migdal moved to Vienna to work as a freelancer, for instance at the Salzburg State Theatre, at the Klosterspiele Wettingen, Switzerland, at the Theaterhaus Gessnerallee in Zurich and at the Vienna Burgtheater. In seasons 2015/16 and 2016/17 she was engaged at the Theater Trier. Since 2017 Nadia Migdal lives mainly in Tel Aviv and works as a freelancer in different constellations, for example with the theater collectives Korso-op Kollektiv, Prinzip Gonzo and Kula Compagnie as well as at the State Theater Saarbrücken. She was invited to the Herzliya Artist Residency (Israel) in 2018 as well as to the Artist Residency Program in Arad (Israel) in 2021.

Nadia Migdal also works for film and television and is currently based in Bochum (GER) and Tel Aviv (ISR).


2021 Nomination Best Production for «Lost Puppy» in «Theater heute»

2020 Nomination Best Production for «Tristesse Royale» in «Theater heute»

2017 Nomination German Comedy Award for «Knallerkerle»

2011 Nomination Best Young Actress in «Theater heute» 

2010 Invitation to NexT - International Film Festival Bucharest with «RUN.OUT» 

2008 Jury and Audience Award at the Theater Summit of German speaking Drama Schools

2007 Sponsorship Award Armin-Ziegler-Foundation


Freelancer since 2017


Korso-op.Kollektiv «BangBangTender» ∙ Marchand/Migdal/Schopka ∙ Red Little Riding Hood ∙ Garelly Haus, Saarbrücken

Migdal/Fahndrich/Dimand «ORIGIN OF THE WORLD» ∙ Koliseum (Former Strip Clup), Tel Aviv, ISR ∙ site specific theater performance

KULA Compagnie «Cloud Daughters» ∙ Nordalm/Paucker/Fleischlin/Peter/Migdal ∙ Theater im Pfalzbau, Ludwigshafen, Spreehalle Berlin, Helferei Zürich

KULA Compagnie ∙ «Beide Quellen meines alten Blutes - A Jew Collection in Action» ∙ Dimand/Migdal/Paucker ∙ Spreehalle Berlin, Helferei Zürich

Fahndrich & Migdal ∙ «Let's meet for a Kneidelsoup - 3rd generation mash-up» ∙ Jewish Museum Westphalia (GER)

Korso-op.Kollektiv «Lost Puppy» ∙ Marchand/Migdal/Schopka ∙ Conferencier ∙ Korso-op, Saarbrücken

Korso-op.Kollektiv «Tristesse Digitale» ∙ Marchand/Migdal/Schopka/Wickert ∙ Bakunin ∙ Korso-op ∙ stream

Korso-op.Kollektiv «Tristesse Royale» ∙ Marchand/Migdal/Schopka ∙ Bakunin ∙ Korso-op, Saarbrücken

Prinzip Gonzo «GAME OVER» ∙ Prinzip Gonzo ∙ Aléya ∙ State Theater Saarbrücken

Korso-op.Kollektiv «Das Folgenreich» ∙ Marchand/Migdal/Schopka ∙ Isa ∙ Korso-op, Saarbrücken

Goetz «Bloodsisters» ∙ Goetz ∙ Valerie ∙ Wild Wendy Productions, Zürich


Theater Trier 2015-2017


Molière «Molière» ∙ Thorleifur Örn Arnarsson ∙ Elmire

Mann «The Magic Mountain» ∙ Christina Friedrich ∙ Frau von Mallinckrodt

Bernstein «Peter Pan» ∙ Róbert Alföldi ∙ Tinker Bell

Shakespeare «The Winter´s Tale» ∙ Marco Štorman ∙ Florizell

Migdal «Portrait of my jewish grandparents: Róża and Leon» ∙ Nadia Migdal ∙ Nadia Migdal

Jacoby and Laufs «The Schöller Boardinghouse» ∙ Lydia Bunk ∙ Josephine Krüger 

Goethe «Faust 1» ∙ Ronny Jakubaschk ∙ Gabriel

Verne «Around the World in Eighty Days» ∙ Annette Raffalt ∙ Miss Fix

Senkel und Zaimoglu «Black Virgins» ∙ Jakub Gawlik ∙ Virgin

Schwab «Präsidentinnen (First Ladies)» » ∙ Anne Sokolowski ∙ Grete

Wilde «Bunbury» ∙ Gerhard Willert ∙ Gwendolyn Fairfax


Freelancer 2013-2015


Goethe «Faust 1 & 2» ∙ Carl Philip von Maldeghem ∙ God ∙ Salzburg State Theater

Rudnick «The naked Eye» ∙ Marco Dott ∙ Sissy ∙ Salzburg State Theater

Shakespeare «Much Ado about Nothing» ∙Thorleifur Örn Arnarsson ∙ Hero ∙ Klosterspiele Wettingen

Andersen «The Snow Queen» ∙ Annette Raffalt ∙ Wolke ∙ Burgtheater Vienna

Cromme «Remote Heat» ∙ Katharina Cromme ∙ Medea ∙ Playhouse Gessnerallee Zürich


State Theater Tübingen  2009-2013


Medwedew «Irina – A Hairdresser / The Toad» ∙ Elina Finkel ∙ Irina / Toad

Hoffmann «Little Zaches, Great Zinnober» ∙ Christina Rast ∙ Mrs Rosenschön

Bechtel «68» ∙ Clemens Bechtel ∙ Gudrun Ensslin

Zeller «Talks with Astronauts» ∙ Marion Schneider-Bast ∙ Olanka

Zeh «Corpus Delicti» ∙ Jenke Nordalm ∙ Mia Holl

Shakespeare «Troilus and Cressida» ∙ Simone Sterr und Ralf Siebelt ∙ Cressida

Bulgakow «The Master and Margarita» ∙ Thorleifur Örn Arnarsson ∙ Margarita

Lausund «Benefiz - Everybody is saving an African» ∙ Ralf Siebelt ∙ Christine

Sartre «Dirty Hands» ∙ Alexander Nerlich ∙ Jessica

Hübner «The Company Thanks» ∙ Paul-Georg Dittrich ∙ Naomi

Moodysson «Together!» ∙ Maria Viktoria Linke ∙ Lena / Margit

Goldoni «Servant of two Masters» ∙ Michael Helle ∙ Smeraldina         


Acting School  2005-2010


Crimp «Fewer Emergencies» ∙ Moritz Schönecker ∙ One ∙ Playhouse Zürich

Stierle «You must remember this» ∙ Sophie Stierle ∙ Frau ∙ Theater of the Arts Zürich

Freyer «Porno for Beginners» ∙ Andreas Kriegenburg ∙ Jürg ∙ Theater of the Arts Zürich

Clavadetscher «Together» ∙ Sophie Stierle ∙ the Woman ∙ Playhause Hamburg


Playhouse Bochum  2003-2005


Wedekind «Lulu» ∙ Christina Paulhofer ∙ Scarlett

Lorca «Blood Wedding» ∙ Jürgen Kruse ∙ first girl

Ionesco «The Bold Singer» ∙ Moritz Schönecker ∙ Mrs. Smith

Büchner «Leonce and Lena» ∙ Jan Philipp Gloger ∙ Rosetta



«Tatort: Münster (CSI Münster)» ∙ ARD ∙ dir: Sven Halfar ∙ Saskia Georgij ∙ 2022

«Bonn» ∙ WDR ∙ dir: Claudia Garde ∙ Cathrin ∙ 2021

«All Russians love Birch Trees» ∙ augenschein Filmproduktion ∙ dir: Pola Beck ∙ Maya ∙ 2021

«The X-files... unsolved» ∙ ZDF ∙ dir: Bettina Braun ∙ Bianca Klimke ∙ 2018

«Knallerkerle» (2 seasons) ∙ Sat 1 ∙ dir: Antoine Monot Jr. ∙ main cast ∙ 2016-2018

«Lake War» ∙ moonwolf production ∙ dir: Norman Schenk ∙ Gabi (lead) ∙ 2014

«Am besten Südwesten» ∙ Imagefilm SWR ∙ dir: Frank Schneider/Isa Prahl ∙ lead∙ 2012

«RUN.OUT» ∙ Final Project of MA Studies at the ZHdK ∙ dir: Nadia Migdal ∙ Tanja Kling (lead) ∙ 2009

«Master of the Situation» ∙ Film Academy Luzern ∙ dir: Antshi von Moos ∙ Woman ∙ 2009

«Gender Studies» ∙ Shortfilm ZHdK ∙ dir: Monica Amgwerd ∙ Tessa (lead) ∙ 2008

«The frog and the princess» ∙ FAMU Prag ∙ dir: Pernella Raffalt ∙ Princess (lead) ∙ 2007


«und ich bin ich denn ich - female composers and poets in dialogue» Mosel Music Festival 2023

«Home and Away Game for a Poem» ∙ Migdal/Fahndrich ∙ People2People Playground Festival - German-Israeli Future Forum 2021

«und ich bin ich denn ich - female composers and poets in dialogue» Schumannfest Bonn 2019

«Thank you for your tragedy I need it for my art» Artist Residency Herzliya, Israel 2018

«Will the Suffering ever end? - Poetry, songs and letters by the Jewish Poet Ilse Weber» Reading, since 2014


Zürch University of the Arts (ZHdK) 2005-2010
Master of Arts


Violin (professional)


Ice Hockey

Table Tennis





English (US)





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