An experiment in which we explore the impossible question of how identity is expressed

Who am I? Who am I fortunately not? Or unfortunately. What does identity really

mean to me? Can I decipher myself, maybe even create a new self? Am I a «capitalist body» and what about my «soul»? Am I a person of color, do I live with traumas given to me by my grandparents who survived the Shoah, and which I will pass on?

What is my sexual, religious, political and artistic affiliation? Do I have to define

these to form groups with like-minded individuals? And how strongly is my work as

an actress dependent on my conscious identity? Do I really need the tragedies of

my existence in order to create art? Do I really need the misery and joy of my surroundings to be productive?

In April 2018 we went on a research trip to Israel, the place of origin of three monotheistic world religions. Refuge. Place of restart.

"The israelien dream". A country that has to constantly redefine itself and assert itself, taking in people with the most diverse social and cultural backgrounds, thus also creating a refuge for people, a land of hope and dreams, but also of disillusionment.

In the Herzliya Artist Residency we went on a search for the origin or the identity of the human.

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